Vanes for vacuum pumps

Marpa Vacuum manufactures vanes for vacuum equipment, compressors and other machinery for all major brands.

Marpa Vacuum’s vanes are compatible with vacuum equipment from major brands (Busch, Becker, Leybold, Orion, etc.) and are made of the highest-quality fibre or graphite to prolong the useful life of the equipment and achieve the best results at prices up to 40% less expensive than the manufacturer.

Vanes for vacuum pumps by brand

Vanes by type

Fibre vanes

These vanes are particularly suited to lubricated equipment. The fibre used in Marpa Vacuum vanes is reinforced with thermosetting polyester resin, providing high dimensional stability and exceptional mechanical and sealing properties for maximum performance when working with any type of pump or compressor.

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Graphite vanes

These vanes are ideal for use in vacuum pumps, and because they are made of graphite and resin, they boast high mechanical strength and a low coefficient of expansion, do not contaminate the liquids or gases involved in the process and can be safely used in any brand’s pump equipment, such as Becker, Busch and Orion, among others.

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Why choose Marpa Vacuum vacuum pump vanes?

The best quality

We sell, install and maintain top-quality vacuum pump vanes at the most competitive price.

Extensive experience

Our more than 30 years of experience in the sector means we can recommend the best solution to our customers.

The best price-quality ratio

Our catalogue of own and third-party accessories and components allows us to offer the most affordable solutions.

Short delivery times

We work with the shortest possible delivery times, depending on the type of accessory or component ordered.