Combination pumps

Combination compressor-vacuum pumps for industrial use allow gases to be compressed into a smaller volume and expelled under pressure with a constant flow rate in a controlled manner and over long periods of time. This makes them a highly valued tool for simplifying and speeding up manufacturing processes while reducing costs, which is why they are used in countless industrial applications.

At Marpa Vacuum, we offer industrial compressors featuring different technologies and advantages: dry-running or oil-lubricated, customised equipment for improved performance, energy efficiency and reliability, as well as much quieter operation.

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For all applications

No matter your needs, we have the right combination pump for you

We offer everything from individual pumps to complete systems, including engineering structures, for all types of applications:

  • Printing
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Sewerage systems
  • Food processing
  • Medicine and pharmacies
  • Engineering (industrial, aeronautical, etc.)

Our combination compressor-vacuum pumps according to the technology they use

Dry-running rotary vane

These devices are oil-free, single-stage (i.e., the air is compressed once), air-cooled and direct-driven. Both the standard vanes and the pressure regulating valves are top quality. Because they do not use oil, these pumps are ideal for industrial applications requiring high flow rates at medium pressure range, simple installation and minimal downtime.

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Single-stage and two-stage side channel

These devices are dry-running and contact-free, meaning no maintenance is required. They are used in numerous applications requiring an inlet volumetric flow rate of less than 2,500 m3/h and a pressure differential of up to 780 mbar. Thanks to their excellent performance, virtually non-existent maintenance costs and minimal investment, these devices are the top choice on the market.

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Why choose Marpa Vacuum combination compressor-vacuum pumps?

The best quality

We sell, install and provide maintenance for effective, reliable and long-lasting combination pumps.

Short delivery times

We work with the shortest possible delivery times, depending on the type of product ordered.

Extensive experience

More than 30 years of experience in the sector means we can recommend the best solution to our customers.

The best price-quality ratio

Our extensive catalogue of own and third-party products allows us to offer the most affordable solutions.