Marpa Vacuum MVC series pumps operate on the principle of two single-stage rotary pistons. Two rotating pistons rotate in opposite directions inside the pump.

The special geometrical shape of the claws allows the suctioned air to be compressed inside the vacuum pump.

As the rotors rotate, the air is drawn in through the suction port, compressed in the compression chamber and then expelled through the exhaust.

The non-return valve, fitted as standard on the suction port, prevents air from flowing back into the vacuum chamber when it is not moving.

Claw vacuum pumps are directly driven by a flanged motor, and the two pistons are synchronised by gears.

Gear oil is used to lubricate the claws.

Both the claws and the compression chamber are coated with TFE (Teflon) to protect the pump against corrosion from any gases sucked into the pump.

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MVC-05151120/12905867521795022383064603901786953"3"M12 Tap

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Technical dataUnits50 Hz60 Hz
Flow rate/volume flowm3/h 500600
Ultimate pressurembar 50 50
Ultimate vacuum at continuous operationmbar 180 a atm. 180 a atm.
Motor powerKw911
Nominal motor speedrpm 2850 3450
Noise leveldB(A) 8082
Oil tank capacityLt 1,8 1,8
Weight approx.Kg 384400
Permissible ambient temperatureºC 5-40 5-40
Gas inletG(BSP) 3” 3”
Gas outletG(BSP) 3” 3”

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