Accessories and components for Orion

Marpa Vacuum manufactures accessories and components for all major brands of vacuum pumps at prices up to 40% lower.

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Orion is a pioneering German manufacturer of vacuum pumps, compressors, air supply systems and accessories for many different industries. Their products are characterised by high-quality materials and technologies and constant innovation. At Marpa Vacuum, we offer accessories and components that are fully compatible with this brand to maximise product lifespan at prices up to 40% lower than buying directly from the manufacturer.

Filters, vanes, vacuum pump oils and more!

Vanes for Orion

We have composite vanes of different materials and EK60-grade graphite for dry-running and oil-lubricated vacuum pumps and compressors.

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Filters for Orion

We offer various types of filters with different technologies, materials, flow rates and formats, compatible with most vacuum pumps and processes.

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Oils for Orion

A variety of oils are available, including for devices in continuous operation, which are ideal for achieving the desired vacuum and boast excellent lubrication properties and resistance.

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Gasket and maintenance kits for Orion

We offer kits for rotary vane vacuum pumps in different configurations — oil bath, dry-running, roots, etc. — to extend their useful life.

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Why choose Marpa Vacuum accessories and components for Orion?

The best quality

We sell, install and provide maintenance for Orion components for effective, reliable and long-lasting vacuum pumps.

Extensive experience

More than 30 years of experience in the sector means we can recommend the best solution to our customers.

The best price-quality ratio

Our catalogue of own and third-party accessories and components allows us to offer the most affordable solutions.

Short delivery times

We work with the shortest possible delivery times, depending on the type of accessory or component ordered.