Metalizing is the deposition (sublimation and condensation) of a thin metal film upon a substrate (plastic, glass or metal) in low pressure conditions (about 10-4 torr), being the most common one the deposition of aluminium on a product.
The mirror finish upon moulded plastics is produced directly after a previous plasma treatment in the process chamber. For other kind of materials a previous preparation with an isolating levelling base which allows increasing the adhesion of the successive layers of metal and transparent finishing.

The parts to be metalized are put into the metalizing equipment on supports called satellites (normally between 4 and 16) mounted on the planetary (load/unload system). Once the optimal vacuum level is reached the satellites begin to turn around (that’s why they are called so) the evaporation source and around its own axis to make the deposition as uniform as possible even with geometrically complex parts. Once the process is finished, the chamber is returned to atmosphere pressure.


Manufacture of automotive lights
Reflector paraboles
Electromagnetic isolation.




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