MARPA VACUUM has standard and customized systems for leak detection by means of helium leak detection. This system is mainly applied in different sectors as industrial refrigeration, air conditioning, aerospace, automotive or electrical components amongst many others, because they can give a great sensitivity and reliability.

It works by putting the piece to verify inside a vacuum chamber, fill it with pressurized helium and making several readings of the helium concentration inside the chamber by a mass spectrometer. If concentration increases, it means some of the helium has come out the part, so there’s a leakage.

The machines may have one or several vacuum chambers and the vacuum group must be properly dimensioned in order to reach the needed pressure in the required time.

Moreover, the vacuum chamber has a nitrogen scanning system which allows us to reduce helium partial pressure inside the chamber to extremely low levels (10-10 mbar.).


The mass spectrometer can detect very low helium concentrations and as the bass signal is low, is able to detect very small leakages as per 10-8 mbar·l·s-1

To fill the helium inside the piece (till 200 bar) we use a set of valves to evacuate the air, fill in the helium and evacuate helium after the test is done. It is also possible to make a test of mechanical resistance to pressure and verify the gas flows properly through the piece.



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